Dutch Connections

As far as we know Dickens never visited the Netherlands, still there is a group of Dickensians which is very much live and kicking. For those who want to visit our country, but can't live without a "Dickensian location" in his or her vicinity, it is possible to find a few in the Netherland.

Dutch places of special interest for Dickensians

Haren (click Groningen)
In Haren the public library is in the possession of a special Dickens colletion which is housed in a Victorian period room called the Dickens Room

Leeuwarden / Ljouwert (click Friesland)
Almost certain the only place in the world where you can find a Dickens' novel translated into Frisian (Frysk)

Deventer (click Overijssel)
Every year during Christmas time there is a Dickens street festival (Dickens Festijn) in Deventer.

Bronkhorst (click Gelderland)
There is also a lovely small Dickens Museum in Bronkhorst, the smallest town with a charter in the Netherland.

Overveen (click Noord-Holland)
The charter of the Haarlem Branch of the Dickensfellowship can be seen on the wall in restaurant "Kraantje Lek (on the wall on the left-hand side of the staircase).

Dordrecht (click Zuid-Holland)
Dordrecht is the birth-place of the 19th century painter Ary Scheffer. He painted a portret of Charles Dickens while he stayed in Paris. In the Dordrechts Museum a number of paintings of this romantic painter are on display.


Map of the Netherlands Haren Friesland Deventer Bronkhorst Tetterode Dordrecht