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Our meetings in the year 2019 are held on:

- 1st meeting: Saturday 16 March. A lecture by P. Ferdinandusse on British migrant children.
- 2nd meeting: Saturday 8 June. A lecture byDr. B.P. Moore about Dickensand architecture.
- 3rd meeting: Saturdy 14 September.

If you'd like to visit us please send a message to our secretary:
Pieter de Groot,
Kanaaldijk 81, 1454 AC Watergang
tel.: 020-4361327


Uitnodiging voor onze volgende bijeenkomst 
Invitation to our next meeting

De volgende bijeenkomst is op 14 september; nadere informatie volgt.

The next meeting will be held on September 14; more information will follow.