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Our meetings in the year 2019 are held on:

- 1st meeting: Saturday 16 March. A lecture by P. Ferdinandusse on British migrant children.
- 2nd meeting: Saturday 8 June. A lecture by Dr. B.P. Moore about Dickensand architecture.
- 3rd meeting: Saturday 14 September. Readings about the Book of Study.
- 4th meeting: Saturday 14 December. Lecture by prof. Jan Lokin.

If you'd like to visit us please send a message to our secretary:
Pieter de Groot,
Kanaaldijk 81, 1454 AC Watergang
tel.: 020-4361327


Uitnodiging voor onze volgende bijeenkomst 
Invitation to our next meeting

De volgende bijeenkomst is op 14 december. Spreker is dan Prof. Jan Lokin. Nadere informatie volgt.

The next meeting will be on December 14. A lecture will be held by prof. Jan Lokin. Further information will follow.