Dutch Connections

As far as we know Dickens never visited the Netherlands, still there is a group of Dickensians which is very much alive and kicking. For those who want to visit our country, but can’t live without a “Dickensian location” in his or her vicinity, it is possible to find a few in the Netherlands.

Dutch places of special interest for Dickensians

Haren (click Groningen)
In Haren the public library is in possession of a special Dickens colletion which is housed in a Victorian period room called the Dickens Room.

Leeuwarden / Ljouwert (click Friesland)
Almost certain the only place in the world where you can find a Dickens’ novel translated into Frisian (Frysk)

Deventer (click Overijssel)
Every year during Christmas time there is a Dickens street festival (Dickens Festijn) in Deventer.

Braamt (click Gelderland)
There is also a lovely small Dickens Museum in the amusement park Het Land van Jan Klaassen, Braamt. Originally it was situated in Bronkhorst, the smallest city in The Netherlands.

Overveen (click Noord-Holland)
The charter of the Haarlem Branch of the Dickensfellowship can be seen on the wall in restaurant "Kraantje Lek (on the wall on the left-hand side of the staircase).

Laren (click in the south-eastern region of Noord-Holland above Utrecht)
In this theatre in Victorian style the audience can see how Charles Dickens held his famous public readings, original glass plates are shown by means of the magic lantern.

Dordrecht (click Zuid-Holland)
Dordrecht is the birth-place of the 19th century painter Ary Scheffer. He painted a portret of Charles Dickens while he stayed in Paris. In the Dordrechts Museum a number of paintings of this romantic painter are on display.


Map of the Netherlands Haren Friesland Deventer Braamt Tetterode Dordrecht Museum